Are you living your script?

Or someone else's?



Scripted Minds Media endorses the individual. We are not beholden/inhibited to the antiquated idea of “proper channels” or “gatekeepers”. We are merely a platform. We encourage artists to help springboard the new generation of entrepreneurs. Knowledge is a tool used best when shared. We understand that to an artist your art is your name and your name is your brand. Our initiative is to inspire a re-education of how business should be done.

Free markets offer you the opportunity to become a better person the next day than whom you were before. We instill this mentality in ourselves and challenge others to as well with simple, straight forward questions, “Who are you? Why do you believe that?” The world lives in an age where autonomy is achievable but you must earn it. We must strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves moment to moment whole also inspiring others to bring out the best in themselves. With that in mind, we ask, are you living your script or someone else’s?



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